A leader in the Canadian dance industry, only DANCE ATTACK can offer an unparalleled dance event extravaganza!
We offer the ultimate integrity to our competitors. Top industry dance professionals ensure that dancers are judged with the fairness that they deserve, in a positive, upbeat and friendly manner. We’re not afraid to be fair.

Attendees can enjoy an experience overflowing with entertainment and special perks only at DANCE ATTACK.

DANCE ATTACK has been providing world class workshops since 2008, bringing some of the biggest dance industry names, while providing top notch entertainment. In 2015, DANCE ATTACK expanded to offer the TORONTO DANCE TEACHER EXPO in which 400+ studio directors and teachers all across Canada come together for an exciting and uplifting three days of instruction. We then expanded in 2016 to offer THE CALGARY DANCE TEACHER EXPO which it provided the same aspects as its sister Expo in Toronto!

DANCE ATTACK has taken another step further to offer another world class event with our DANCE ATTACK COMPETITION starting in 2017, to go along with our newly developed DANCE ATTACK EXPO specifically for students and parents which will draw over 1200 attendees for an amazing two day event in November of 2017!

We have the experience in providing fun, organized dance events! Let us show you the DANCE ATTACK way!

Experience the difference, only at DANCE ATTACK!

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